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Computer Lab

The Prep Division's Computer Lab is offered to give all students enrolled in private lessons the opportunity to work on music theory outside of that lesson. Older students also work on music creativity and composition with advanced theory and notation programs.

All students enrolled in Computer Lab work towards theory competency for their school grade level as presented in the TMTA theory tests, whether registering for the test or not. Through many tutorial, drill, and game format programs, students work on note-reading, rhythm-reading, sight-reading, and all fundamental music concepts. In addition to the computer work, the "Theory Time" workbook is used in preparation for the TMTA test. Students also work with the Prep Division's large Midi-disk library for both sight-reading and performance of all types of piano literature – classic, jazz, and pop. Older students work with Apple's Garage Band, Sibelius and Noteflight for composition and recording projects. The Computer Lab also uses several online subscriptions for theory and sight-reading; students enrolled in lab can take advantage of these cloud-based programs with supervised instruction. Students work on iMacs and M-Audio controllers.

Weekly lab sessions are tailored for each individual student, based on age and theory comprehension. The coordinator works with the students' private lesson teachers in order to make sure that the Computer Lab experience enhances the students' progress in the private lesson and in Lab.

Guillermo Martinez

computer lab
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